Working safe

Planning work around electricity assets

Planning ahead is the key to ensuring a safe worksite. Underground or overhead cable strikes can affect the electricity supply to the local area, damage plant and equipment and put lives at risk. 

Assessing the electricity risks on your construction site ahead of time will reduce the chance of accident and injury on site, minimise the chance of a network strike and avoid unnecessary delays for safety assessments and on site services.

Planning construction around the electricity network

The site supervisor in control of the work area must ensure that no person, plant, machinery, equipment or materials enters the danger zone of an overhead powerline or other electrical network assets. Following the steps below will minimise the chance of accidents or cable strikes.

Check for overhead and underground electricity assets

  • Use the Look Up and Live app - Before you get onsite, plan ahead and check the location of powerlines.
  • Use Before You Dig - Check your dig site by lodging a free enquiry to locate pipes, electricity and telecommunication cables and request Ausgrid plans.


Look Up and Live

Look up and Live LogoWe have partnered with other electricity distributors to make powerline network data available in the Look Up and Live interactive geospatial map. The app provides the ability to search locations in real time and to overlay maps with third party mapping programs, or print, as required. Find out more about Look Up and Live.

Before You Dig

Dial before you digBefore You Dig Australia (BYDA) is a FREE national referral service supported by Ausgrid and other major service providers that supplies plans of where electricity, water, gas and telecommunications cables and pipes are located so you know whether it is safe to dig. Find out more about Before You Dig.

Safety clearance advice

Confirm safety clearance distances for your plant, machinery and equipment and site access routes.

  • Refer to Ausgrid's clearance information for the minimum safety clearance distances when working near electrical assets
  • Plan the set up of plant, machinery, equipment, work platforms, cranes, cement and tip trucks away from powerlines.
  • Map out safe site access and operating areas for excavators, elevating work platforms (EWPs) and cranes away from poles and powerlines.
  • If you are transporting high loads to the site, plan your journey – you may need a High Load Permit.
  • Submit a Safety Advice Request for safety advice and to request tiger tail coverings.

Confirm and request electricity disconnection requirements for your site

Do you need to disconnect the power on your site to safely commence work or to bring large plant, machinery or equipment on site safely?

Work safely around the electricity network

  • Remember tiger tails are not insulators – their presence does not mean you can work closer to powerlines.
  • Assign an observer to monitor and ensure safe clearances are maintained between machinery and powerlines.
  • Use the safety guides below as a reminder of how to operate safely around the electricity network and refer to Working near powerlines for more information.

Managing asbestos

Ausgrid manages the risk posed by asbestos in and around network assets via an Asbestos Safety Management Plan. Find out more.

More information

Our safety factsheets will help you safely plan your next job.

Working Safe Factsheets