Bushfire Safety
Bushfires can damage the electricity network and interrupt your power supply. If you see fallen powerlines after a bushfire never approach them – stay at least 8 metres away and call us on 13 13 88.

During a bushfire you may lose power and communications. Fire can damage power poles and electrical equipment and heat and smoke from fires can cause overheating at substations. In extreme circumstances we may need to turn off power if we believe it will help prevent a bushfire starting. 

Be prepared before a bushfire

There are a few things you should do to prepare before or when a bushfire alert has been issued to stay safe.
  • Make a Bush Fire Survival Plan familiarise yourself with the Fire Danger Ratings and talk about the plan with everyone in your household 
  • Practice how to manually operate electric garage doors, gates and locks and teach your kids how to as well  
  • Make sure any vegetation on your property has been trimmed away from powerlines
  • Check your private pole to ensure it is free from rust or termite damage
  • Keep a battery powered radio, torch and spare batteries handy
  • Keep your phone and portable charger fully charged

For customers living in rural areas, we recommend making a Farm Fire Plan.

During a bushfire

When a bushfire is approaching Ausgrid is in close communication with local emergency services to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. We may need to turn power off without notice to help keep our customers and the community safe. In some areas, turning the power off may mean crucial services including phone and radio reception, water and sewage are also turned off. 

In a bushfire always follow the advice from NSW RFS. You can stay across alerts through their website, or download the NSW Government’s Hazards Near Me app.

Be wary of additional hazards;

  • Smoke can act as a conductor of electricity

  • Keep an eye out for sagging or low hanging powerlines

  • Stay at least 8m away from fallen powerlines and anything they may be touching

  • Fences, fallen trees and other objects may be energised if damaged powerlines are present. 

  • If hosing your property down, make sure to never wet your electrical equipment, including meter boards and powerlines.


Bushfire Safety and the Electricity Network

Bushfires can damage the electricity network, interrupt your power supply and cause considerable damage to property. Knowing how to prepare and what potential hazards to look out for can help keep you and your family safe.

Returning after a bushfire

Once NSW RFS has determined you can enter your property after a bushfire, there are a few things you should do to keep you and your family safe when returning home. Ausgrid may have switched off power in your area during the bushfire. Check ausgrid.com.au/poweroutages for updates. 

Electrical hazards may be present

  • Look out for damaged electricity equipment. Assume fallen powerlines are live and stay at least 8 meters away.  Report any fallen powerlines to Ausgrid by calling 13 13 88  or report online at ausgrid.com.au/hazards.
  • If your property has been damaged by bushfires, engage a licenced electrician to inspect your electrical equipment before turning the power back on. If you have trouble reaching an electrician, contact Master Electricians.

You may notice Ausgrid crews inspecting areas impacted by bushfires. In these instances, our crews are making sure any damaged power poles and powerlines are safely disconnected before turning power back on for customers.

If you are still without power, please call our Contact Centre on 13 13 88. An emergency service officer will attend your property to investigate. You might need to contact an electrician to check your connection before power can be restored.