Optimising your electricity usage
Looking for practical ways to optimise your electricity usage? You’ve come to the right place.


What are some simple ways to use electricity mindfully?

By incorporating these simple actions into your daily routine, you can reduce energy wastage, lower consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future. Be mindful of your electricity use as small changes add up!
Turn off lights when not in use
Use fans instead of air conditioning when possible
Set air conditioning to an energy-efficient temperature
Maximise natural light during the day
Choose energy efficient appliances
Unplug chargers when devices are fully charged
Wash clothes in cold water
Seal gaps so heating or cooling isn’t escaping.


Did you know?

Appliances still use electricity when on standby. According to Choice, standby power can account for more than 10% of your household electricity use!



How important are energy efficient appliances?

Energy efficient appliances use less energy to do the same task. This is often the case in newer appliances versus older appliances, where the newer technology creates greater efficiency.

Energy rating

Energy Rating LabelThe easiest way to compare the energy efficiency of different products is by reading the energy star rating that is on most modern appliances. The Energy Rating Label, regulated by the Australian government, has been around for over 30 years.

The more stars shown on the Energy Rating Label, the less energy the product will use and the more money you will save on your energy bills.

The label will also show you the annual energy consumption for your appliance, based on standardised testing. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the appliance is.

Did you know?

Many dishwashers and washing machines include an ‘eco-mode’ setting that will run quicker cycle times or at lower temperatures that use less energy. Source: Choice.com.au.


Saving money through off-peak use

You’ve come home from work, the dishes are in the wash and your laundry is under way, you finally have a chance to relax in front of the television. It’s something many of us like to do at night. But with more use comes greater pressure on our energy network, and we call this a Peak period.

To relieve that pressure, energy providers introduced Off-Peak periods to reward people for using their energy mindfully. Customers with a smart meter and time of use pricing can take advantage of Off-Peak periods. By timing your appliances to begin later at night you can reduce pressure on the network and save money on your next energy bill.

Ausgrid’s Residential Peak and Off-Peak Periods (effective July 1, 2024)

Ausgrid provides its network prices to electricity retailers who can then choose how they pass on these network charges, taking into account their own pricing strategies and priorities. Your time of use periods may differ depending on your retailer.

Peak and Off Peak


Did you know?

Many dishwashers and washing machines now include a helpful ‘delay-start’ function that can means you aren’t changing your routine, but the cycle won’t start until off-peak times.


Switching to a time-of-use plan

One of the biggest impacts you have on your energy bill is having a time-of-use plan alongside mindful usage.

Example pricing based on AGL’s standing offer (including GST).

Reducing costs by switching

Consider the scenario of a customer moving from their current flat-rate to a time-of-use plan. They’re paying less while using the same amount of electricity simply by the time-of-use plan fitting their lifestyle and usage more.

Table comparing Flat rate to Time of Use

Ausgrid total monthly saving: $0.93 

Reducing costs by switching and changing usage times

Consider the scenario of a customer moving from their current flat-rate to a time-of-use plan. They’re paying less while using the same amount of electricity simply by taking advantage of Off-Peak times with their new plan.

Table comparing Flat rate to Time of Use

Ausgrid total monthly saving: $6.32 

Start the conversation with your retailer today

Your retailer will be able to help guide you on what the best plan for you and your usage will be. Part three of this series gives you some helpful tips on where to start.


Smart meters enable time-of-use pricing

Electricity meters are installed on your home to measure the amount of electricity consumed. Depending on the age of your home you may have either an analog, or digital (smart) meter. The are a few key benefits to having a smart meter on your home.

Take advantage of time-of-use pricing
Having a smart meter installed on your home means having access to time-of-use electricity plans and can start moving your usage towards off-peak hours.
Receive accurate charges on your bill
Unlike the traditional method of visiting your premises and reading the physical meter, your retailer can instead capture accurate usage data remotely and charge you accordingly.
Understand your own usage habits
Access detailed, real-time information about how much electricity you use. This helps you work out how to save money on your bills. You can also use your data to find a better deal at Energy Made Easy.



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