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You may want to disconnect your premises permanently from our network, for example if you are:

  • demolishing one or more premises and don’t intend to rebuild on the site
  • going ‘off the grid’ and don’t want to pay network charges to your electricity retailer to remain connected to our network.

After disconnection you won't be able to get or supply electricity through our network. If you want to do this in the future you will need to apply for a new connection.

Safety first

If you are disconnecting please check your premises carefully to see if it has more than one connection to the network. If there are connections you don’t know about your premises might still be electrified when you think you are disconnected. Look out for:

  • street light fittings
  • lights mounted on exterior walls
  • overhead wires supporting street lamps
  • any other Ausgrid wires or equipment. 

Let us know about any Ausgrid infrastructure you find.

When you don’t need to disconnect

Disconnect temporarily

If you want to stop all or some of your electricity supply temporarily please contact your electricity retailer. They can stop your electricity supply at your meter and start it again when you need it.

Decommissioning Ausgrid equipment

If you have Ausgrid equipment (which we call an ‘asset’) on your site that you no longer need, please apply to have the equipment decommissioned (not disconnected). For example, if you have several substations on your premises but you no longer need the capacity they provide you can apply to decommission one of the substations.

To decommission an Ausgrid asset, see 'Relocating Ausgrid assets.'

Demolishing and rebuilding

In most cases, you’ll need to request a disconnection (follow the steps below) and apply for a new permanent connection (follow the steps in Getting Connected or Modifying Your Connection. [link to the page]

If, however, you are doing a ‘service line relocation’, which means you are demolishing a single domestic premise then redeveloping the site for a new single domestic premise and the existing meter remains onsite continuously throughout this process, then you only need to apply to modify an existing connection. Follow the steps in Getting Connected or Modifying Your Connection

Requesting a disconnection

Step 1: Before you apply

We need written permission from:

  • the owner of the premise (or their agent)
  • the occupier of the premise (if different from the owner)
  • any electricity retailer with whom the owner or occupier has a contract to buy or sell electricity. 

Please get permission for each separate meter on the premises.

Step 2: Complete an application form

To apply visit 'Apply for a Connection' and select Permanent Disconnection Request.. The form requires some technical information and many customers choose to have their electrical professional complete the form on their behalf. Ausgrid strongly recommends this.

The form requires:

  • the address of the premises
  • the size and type of the service main
  • the National Meter Identifiers (NMIs) for each meter being disconnected.

Written permission from the owner, occupier and electricity retailer for disconnection must be attached to the form.

Step 3: We send a job number

If the application is complete we issue a job number so the disconnection work can start.

Step 4: Complete the work

The disconnection work must be done by appropriately qualified electrical professionals.

As part of the disconnection a final meter reading will be taken and your electricity meter will be removed (by your electricity retailer). Your electrical professional can arrange for an authorised meter provider to read your meter if they are not one themselves.

When Ausgrid can disconnect your premises

There are some circumstances when we may disconnect a premise from the network without a customer’s (your) request:

  • part or all of the connection does not comply with the law and/or our network standards
  • part or all of the connection is unsafe and considered dangerous to life, health or property
  • the premise hasn’t had a retail contract for the supply of electricity for more than six months
  • we receive a request from your electricity retailer
  • .

We’ll send you a ‘disconnection warning notice’ that we are going to disconnect your premises unless you rectify the issue that could lead to disconnection. If you don’t comply with our notice, we’ll disconnect your premises within six business days after the date of the notice.

To find out more, see your contract with us for the ongoing supply of electricity (in most cases this will be your Deemed Standard Connection Contract.

We won't disconnect you when

  • you are a small (in electricity usage) customer, there are some circumstances where we aren’t permitted to disconnect your premise:
  • you have registered your premises with life support equipment with your electricity retailer and Ausgrid
  • you’ve complained to Ausgrid or the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW and the complaint is not yet resolved
  • if the disconnection will be during a ‘protected period’, which is either:

- a business day before 8 am or after 3 pm

- a Friday or the day before a public holiday

- a weekend or a public holiday

- the days between 20 December and 31 December in any year.


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