Aircon Saver Program


Ausgrid’s Power2U Aircon Saver was an initiative that partnered with customers to better manage the electricity supply in the Gillieston Heights area. Eligible customers in the area were invited to participate during summer 2019/20 and summer 2020/21.

At the start of the trial, a signal receiver was installed at participants’ air conditioners by a qualified technician. During peak demand days in the summer, Ausgrid remotely activated the in-built power saving modes on participants’ air conditioners for up to five hours. In return customers were rewarded with financial incentives for their participation.

Aircon Saver program concluded after summer 2020/21. Due to the growing size of the network need, driven by residential and light commercial development in the area, this program was no longer able to address an adequate proportion of the demand after summer 2020/21.

The results of Power2U Aircon Saver program as well as CoolSaver trial are presented in Demand Response Air Conditioning Programs Final Report March 2022. For more information about the program, please contact demandmanagement@ausgrid.com.au.